The VIPE Unity SDK offers a robust and user-friendly solution for Unity developers to integrate NFT avatars into their projects. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, it provides an intuitive interface for avatar selection and display, backed by the powerful VIPE API. This SDK is the go-to tool for incorporating rich, interactive avatars into various applications.

VIPE: A New Era for Digital Avatars

At the heart of VIPE is the mission to seamlessly connect 3D avatars across both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. Utilizing the VIPE API, developers can access a centralized hub of NFTs featuring 3D VRM avatars from the blockchain. This integration guarantees authenticity and simplifies the use of diverse avatars in any project.


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Discover VIPE at About VIPE

Explore the VIPE API at VIPE API Documentation

VIPE Unity SDK Features

The SDK opens up a vast array of 3D avatars, all utilizing the VRM file format, renowned for its high-quality and interactive capabilities in digital environments. The SDK's functionality extends beyond avatar provision:

  • Authentication System: It includes a login system to VIPE, allowing users to authenticate and access their own NFT avatars. With support for multiple providers like Metamask and Wallet Connect, the SDK ensures a secure and flexible login experience.
  • Free-to-Use Avatars: Users without owned avatars can choose from an extensive pool of free-to-use avatars, broadening accessibility and options.


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Interested in the VRM format?Check out the VRM File Format page

Maximizing the VIPE Unity SDK

To fully harness the potential of the VIPE Unity SDK, here are three key ways to integrate it into your Unity projects:

  1. Editor Tool Integration: Utilize the editor tool in the toolbar to easily import avatars into your scenes. This suite of editor functionalities simplifies avatar management, setting API keys, and integration into your projects.
  2. Script Utilization: Leverage the provided set of scripts to integrate VIPE capabilities into your projects. You can call these classes from scene GameObjects or incorporate them into your custom scripts.
  3. Example Scene Exploration: Make use of the Example Scene as a practical reference for SDK implementation. This sample UI demonstrates the SDK's in-game avatar selection and basic interactions, offering insights for both development and gameplay.

By following these approaches, you can effectively integrate and utilize the full potential of the VIPE Unity SDK in your Unity projects, enhancing the user experience with dynamic and interactive avatars.