At VIPE we provide an API REST with various resources to get avatars metadata, NFT collections and more

Why use the VIPE API?

Utilizing the VIPE API to source avatars for your application offers several advantages. Not only does it provide high-quality, customizable avatars, but it also saves development time and resources by eliminating the need to create such assets from scratch. By integrating with VIPE, you gain access to a wide array of avatars that can be tailored to match the aesthetic and functionality of your platform, enhancing user experience and engagement. Furthermore, users will be able to use their avatars across any integrated application, benefiting from the interoperability that VIPE offers.

General information


As we have already mentioned, all API endpoints need an API-KEY so you need to have one. If you don't have one yet, you can get it following the instructions in the Authentication section.


As mentioned above, at VIPE we provide an API REST. This means that to indicate the success or failure of a request, the API uses conventional HTTPS response codes.

  • Successful responses ( 200 – 299 )
  • Redirection messages ( 300 – 399 )
  • Client error responses ( 400 – 499 )
  • Server error responses ( 500 – 599 )

For a more specific explanation:

200OKThe request succeeded as expected.
400Bad RequestThe server cannot or will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be a client error.
401UnauthorizedThe client must authenticate itself to get the requested response. Possibly the API-KEY has not been indicated.
403ForbiddenThe authorized client doesn't have permissions to perform the request.
404Not foundThe server cannot find the requested resource. Probably the request has wrong params or the resource doesn't exists.
409ConflictSome client requirements have not been met.
5XXServer errorSomething unexpected occurs in the server.

How to start

We've created a few tutorials on how to programmatically use our API or SDKs. If you're not sure how to start, we've provided several examples and use cases below to help you become familiar with our technology:

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